Ra2s Mal Showcase Concert


Ra2s Mal’s Showcase Concert: A Milestone for the Egyptian Rap Scene

Our latest project as organizing & logistical partner signifies a milestone for the Middle East’s evolving rap scene, being the first-of-its-kind in the MENA region. The concert featured the entire line-up of Marwan Moussa’s label “Ra2s Mal” with the label’s head as the event’s headliner.

The Challenge: Our challenge for this project was two-sided, being the region’s first showcase this project had to deliver on a level that meets both the label & fans’ expectations. In terms of entertainment value & the concert’s experience in its entirety. In addition, a significant logistical & production challenge lied ahead, executing the country’s first-ever 360 stage experience.

How We Did It: Given the challenge of delivering the concert experience possible to the fans, we had to rise to the occasion; christening a new age of hip-hop concerts in Egypt where emphasis on the concert’s production value is as important as the choice of its headliner & supporting line-up. The idea for a 360-stage design was first thrown into the mix as a joke, given that it hadn’t been executed in Egypt before. Days were spents designing the stage with Lebanese lighting guru Julienne Yammine to ensure the delivery of a complete audio-visual experience. Afterwards, we needed to bring the idea to life through constant back & forth with the suppliers and more days of on-ground trial & error. In the end, we managed to successfully deliver an immersive concert experience that met & exceeded the expectations of eager fans.

The Result: Looking back, our project hosted more than 10,000 attendees in Cairo’s Hockey Stadium who came to dance with their favorite Egyptian rap label and ended up as first witnesses to Egypt’s first immersive 360 audio-visual concert experience. A mega event in the context of the Egyptian rap scene, and a milestone for the entire region.

Ra2s Mal
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