Case Study

HOSH & 1979 Ft. Jalja - Midnight (The Hanging Tree)

The Story
In the ever-growing world of dance music, music labels strive to create connections and new outreach with their audience. Fryhide, a German based music label formed by world renowned musician, HOSH, has been able to grip the challenging task of being a world leading dance music record label with a consistent message to its fan base and beyond.

In 2019, when HOSH had finished writing his biggest dance record to date, ‘Midnight (Hanging Tree)’, Kord was tasked with setting out a marketing plan and strategy that would look to reach a vast range of audiences across the globe. Optimizing a proposal that identified the key tasks and timelines was crucial in being able to create the right hype before the worldwide release and after. 

We gathered press releases, publications, live performance videos and fan generated content as part of the build up to a hype campaign that was unique in itself to the dance music industry and helped lead us achieve all time peak stats on numerous platforms.

30+ million streams, 100k+ daily streams, #1 world wide chart placement, the success of a global dance hit combined with a vital and well sought out digital media campaign are still continuing and mounting 1 year later.