Instagram’s Latest ‘Videos’ Tab, Simplified

Instagram has been widely popular among a diverse segment of users since its launch in 2010, it has been known as the ultimate online photo-sharing and social network platform and has been acquired by Facebook in 2012. Over the past few years, the platform has been constantly introducing new tabs and features, including 1 minute videos, IGTV, Instagram Stories, and most recently Instagram Reels.
Earlier this year, Instagram representatives have publicly stated that they will ‘no longer be a photo-sharing app’, with plans to further expand their video-sharing features. The app will be giving more priority to video content in order to keep up their competition with YouTube and Tik Tok, making video-sharing a more essential part of the Instagram experience and overall user journey.

The Latest Update

The application has recently announced the debut of their new tab, ‘Videos’, which will be added on users’ profiles. This does not mean that IGTV will be removed from the application entirely, however, it will be rebranded as ‘Instagram Videos’. This new feature will combine long-form IGTV videos with feed videos into one tab, where users will be able to easily browse through a number of diverse video content. Viewers will not have to leave the main app to view videos anymore, everyone will now be able to tap anywhere on the desired video to turn their viewing mode into full screen. After finishing the video you would like to watch, you can choose to keep browsing and discovering more video content from several creators or tap the back button to exit. This feature will bring forth a more user-friendly experience to create and find different videos on Instagram, with the tab proposed to be the ultimate hub for the combined video format content.  

What’s New?

The new feature will allow uploaded videos to be as long as 60 minutes, where longer videos that have been previously categorized as IGTV content will show a 60-second preview or a 15-second preview (for videos that are eligible for ads) on the feed as they did before. Users will now be able to trim their videos, add filters, and tag people and locations as part of the new Instagram experience. These videos can be shared through Instagram Stories and Direct Messages. Also, Reels are planned to stay as with their own separate tab and will not be integrated into the newly announced feature (a strategic move to combat the ever-growing TikTok format).These changes all play an essential role that will help Instagram create the streamlined video experience that they are aiming for.

How will the new ‘Videos’ tab affect Content Creators and Digital Marketing agencies?

Content creators will have the opportunity to engage more with their audience, with an immersive storytelling format. They will also have the chance to monetise long-form videos by creating ‘Instagram In-Stream video ads’ for content that is deemed eligible by the application. The regular post insights and the video insights for both businesses and creators will be visible at one place.


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