Digital Marketing Trends You Have to Know for 2021

Today we start 2021 and as we know, a lot changed this year, the pandemic and the economic shifts, in fact, saw more people working from home and spending less time going out. This means that people are spending more time online than ever before. They’re searching for information and conducting more research for businesses and personal. Consumers are using more subscription services for entertainment, fitness, and even business collaboration. This is a fundamental shift in the way people spend their time.

Think for a moment about the ways businesses and marketing have already been affected by this, for example, businesses relying on foot traffic in commercial centers and downtowns have had to rethink how they draw people in and find new ways to sell to them.

Gig economy jobs, like food delivery, have flourished this year. This will change the way people think about dining out even after the pandemic. So restaurants will likely need to pivot for the long term. People working at home has led to more working out at home from treadmills to bikes, to online fitness classes. Wellness businesses also may never look the same. 

In the world of digital marketing these behavior changes will continue to shape the way we do business online. But that was 2020.

And as we start 2021, we outlined three trends that we really think will shape the upcoming year. And we also have a few tips on how we can definitely help you stay on top of them.

  • Let’s start with the first one: increased digital ad spend. 

Digital ad spending took a big hit early in 2020, but in many parts of the economy it rebounded pretty fast as companies pivoted. 

One recent study shows advertising on e-commerce platforms jumped almost 40% in 2020. That same study predicts another 30% jump in 2021. Brands need to make sure that people will actually find them across all of their channels. And this could definitely mean more digital ad spend. And with more ad spend comes also more pressure for SEOs and digital marketers to perform and execute well.

We provide our clients with real-time, performance driven digital media buying which spans across platform, channel and devices, ensuring we are reaching the right audience wherever they are meeting our client’s desired outcomes.

  • Let’s move to the second trend: No more third-party cookies.

The second development impacting the upcoming year might be the beginning of the end of the cookies world. Chrome, in fact, starting in early 2022, will stop supporting third party cookies. And we know that where Google goes, others often will follow. As Chrome and maybe others stopped supporting third party cookies, your ability as a marketer to retarget and track customers and prospects will be affected in big ways.

There’s a lot of confusion about what this will all mean. Does this mean the end of tracking altogether? And what does it mean also for the end-consumer  consent and what other tools exist to help tracking user’s behavior in an efficient and ethical way?

Expect a lot to happen in 2021 as marketers and experts try to understand what a world without cookies will actually look like and be ready to adapt to this change.

  • Moving on to trend number three: Core Web Vitals.

And finally, here’s another topic that you have definitely heard about lately. Google has made changes to Core Web Vitals. It’ll be a huge deal in 2021, and you’ll want to pay close attention to it.

Core Web Vitals will look at how fast pages load for the device you’re using, your phone, tablet or desktop, but it will go much deeper in analyzing a wide range of factors in the user experience. The key will be to fix all the problems that you have on your website. I hope you don’t have them, but if you have them fix them now, before these changes actually take place in 2021. Google has stated that their new page experience signals, combined with core web vitals and their existing search signals, will roll out in May 2021 and will be essential for ranking. This means that all websites in compliance will have a chance to rank above those that are not.

If you don’t know where to start with all this fixing situation, our team can guide you and implement the solutions you require to get positive results for your business.Take a look at our Google PageSpeed results, and see what we can do for you. If you’d like to know how your website performs, please contact us for a free analysis.

These are three trends that we definitely think will shape the upcoming year 2021. Let us know in a comment, what you think three trends will be, What do you think will happen in 2021 and how you’re getting ready for that?