Four, 5 Minute Tips To Grow Your Instagram FAST

We’ve all been there. We want to grow our follower base. We want to get more numbers. We want to get more engagement. We want to get more people seeing what we’re doing but for some reason, this algorithm just doesn’t seem to work in our favor. Sound familiar?

We know that the key is to make more engaging content. The problem is, not everyone has the talent of Peter McKinnon to be able to make photos or videos that are guaranteed to go viral. We’re all very busy people that are in need of a solid quick fix where, you know, five minutes here and there throughout the day can help make a difference to my page.

To understand how this can be done quickly and effectively, we have to consider how the Instagram algorithm functions right now, and the answer is actually quite simple. Instagram wants you to do one thing, It wants you to keep people online, hooked on Instagram for as long as possible.

Literally, that’s all there is to it. Instagram even shamelessly admits it (In a technical way). If you were to have a conversation with Instagram, it would go like this.

“if I can keep you on Instagram for as long as possible, I win and therefore you will be rewarded too. This is purely a scratch my back, I scratch yours deal”

The hacks revolve around keeping users engaged with the app.


Audio or video direct message response. It’s a daunting task to respond to every question, comment and DM, nobody enjoys it or has the time for it either. You should consider a more personalised audio or video response to your inquirers. Your followers will feel special and more likely to respond and engage, thus keeping them on the app for much longer.


Carousels are your friends. They are an effective tool to tell a story. Moreover, Instagram will remind users within 24 hours that there are more photos or videos to see in case they didn’t swipe right or pay much attention the first time around. Instagram will reward you for the extra few seconds you keep users on your post.


Strategically engage before you post. Just before you publish a new post, or immediately after, spend some time liking the comments you got from users on your previous post, or maybe even reply. This will refresh their memory of you and will likely position your new post high up in their feed.


The notification bell. This one is slightly harder. It’s already hard to get followers, but it’s much harder to get them clicking on being notified of your new posts, so the key here is to give them incentive. Try running a competition related to your page or maybe even offering merchandise or a simple shout out. Getting users to subscribe to notifications on your page makes them return to Instagram more often, and you guessed it, is what instagram wants and will therefore reward your page with more visibility.

The key theme is simple and obvious. How to get your audience to constantly check instagram and be on the alert. While more than these 5 tips do exist, and will probably keep increasing just as instagram keeps updating and adjusting, constantly understanding and staying ahead of the algorithm and utilizing instagram’s new features is the key to boosting your page online.